It’s off to work we go

After a week off from the restaurant it was back to work Monday with some serious menu writing done this week. The patch has really come on leaps and bounds over the last day or so with a patch of great weather and a little rain. I have finally got around to planting the corn, pumpkins, courgette and butternut squash today.
It’s not all good news!!!!
I am under attack from nesting birds digging on the patch for nest filler so I am really not happy, it looks like I am going to get some netting of some description.

As a waiting game I am hating waiting for all of these wonderful ingredients to grow, I have always been used to picking up the phone and getting one of my wonderful suppliers to drop off exactly what I need.

Writing my menus at the restaurant this week have all been inspired by the patch and the produce coming from it. This is a dish inspired from my little Beetroot shoots

Blacksticks Blue pannacotta with Beetroot textures and honey and pumpkin seed granola.




Another day goes by on chefs patch

So I have taken the break in the rain to get out on chefs patch and get some graft done. I am playing catch up with planting in order to get some produce this summer so it’s head down and maximise my time on the patch.
With everything else well under way,  today I have chosen to get the tomatoes planted into a grow bag freeing up some space in the propagator for more tasty things. I have eagerly anticipating planting my chilli seeds and some cherry tomatoes too.

Monday should bring new tidings with more pots to get the sweetcorn planted along with my squash and pumpkin.

Exciting times ahead I think.





Chefs patch

Day in day out I use hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables, creating fresh cooked dishes with seasonality and freshness at the forefront of my mind. All of the customers who come to the restaurant have very high expectations of the food that they pay good money for and so a solid knowledge of the ingredients are so important.
So to my story…..
I have been a chef for close on 20 years working for huge hotel groups to private owned gastro pubs. Most of what I have learned about food has either from work or from books and now I’m trying to kick it up a notch!
Chefs patch is my little tiny veg patch in my garden at home I am using to broaden my knowledge of food and seasons and also save a few quid off the food bill each month at home. My goal is simple, to grow and understand how to grow quite easy really.
I made my patch by using a reclaimed pallet and with a little thinking and kind friends sharing their seedlings I am now on the way to growing greatness.