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Sun + rain = veg (simple?)

Grow your own Grow your own Grow your own Radish uprisingBeet


This is where my beloved patch is doing all of the work! from little seeds to fantastic shoots in the space of a couple of weeks.


Another day goes by on chefs patch

So I have taken the break in the rain to get out on chefs patch and get some graft done. I am playing catch up with planting in order to get some produce this summer so it’s head down and maximise my time on the patch.
With everything else well under way,  today I have chosen to get the tomatoes planted into a grow bag freeing up some space in the propagator for more tasty things. I have eagerly anticipating planting my chilli seeds and some cherry tomatoes too.

Monday should bring new tidings with more pots to get the sweetcorn planted along with my squash and pumpkin.

Exciting times ahead I think.