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Wow what a difference a week makes!

Just had a little play outside and had a little shuffle around. Things are really coming on leaps and bounds now. Having a week of typical up and down weather for April/May with showers and sunshine, I would say ideal?
With not much need to water this week I have taken the foot off the gas(silly mistake) , so I had a mishap with my rocket and let it dry (not good!)
All seems to be back on track with cabbages and carrots coming outside now into big pots.
We shall see






It’s off to work we go

After a week off from the restaurant it was back to work Monday with some serious menu writing done this week. The patch has really come on leaps and bounds over the last day or so with a patch of great weather and a little rain. I have finally got around to planting the corn, pumpkins, courgette and butternut squash today.
It’s not all good news!!!!
I am under attack from nesting birds digging on the patch for nest filler so I am really not happy, it looks like I am going to get some netting of some description.

As a waiting game I am hating waiting for all of these wonderful ingredients to grow, I have always been used to picking up the phone and getting one of my wonderful suppliers to drop off exactly what I need.

Writing my menus at the restaurant this week have all been inspired by the patch and the produce coming from it. This is a dish inspired from my little Beetroot shoots

Blacksticks Blue pannacotta with Beetroot textures and honey and pumpkin seed granola.